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Professional Real Estate Photographer Serving Southeast Michigan and Beyond

I am located in Bloomfield Hills, but service all of the Southeast Michigan area including (but not limited to) West Bloomfield, Pontiac, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Troy, Rochester, Clarkston, Birmingham, Sterling Heights, and more. Western areas such as Novi and Ann Arbor are also okay as well as all of the Metro Detroit area.

Q: Why Get Professional Real Estate Photos?

A: Professional Real Estate Photos Will:

Q: What's Wrong With Using a Smartphone?

A: By Using Smartphone Photos You:

Compare Smartphone and Professional Real Estate Photos

A typical photo from a smartphone
A professional real estate photo
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Pricing - Simple is Best

All photo shoots follow this basic principle: $0.09 per square foot (including finished basements).
That’s it!


A 2,000 square-foot home with an unfinished basement
2,000 x $0.09 = $180

A 1,700 square-foot home with an 800 square-foot finished basement
(1,700 + 800 = 2,500 square feet)
2,500 x $0.09 = $225

How Many Photos?

All photo shoots don’t come with a per-determined number of images. Because rooms vary in shape and size, it’s difficult to declare an exact number. Doing so would result in certain rooms not receiving the attention to detail they deserve for the sake of limiting the number of images.

My System Gives You More:
  • Medium to large rooms get at least two to three photos from different, flattering angles.
  • At least four exterior shots.
  • Shots of all special features such as pools, fireplaces, etc. included.
NOTE: Due to size restrictions, small rooms such as half baths get only one photo.
Example from a Recent Photo Shoot:​

A 2,500 square-foot home (including its finished basement) resulted in 45 delivered images.

Delivery of Final Photos

Once the final edits are complete, all clients will receive an email with a direct link to their own personal gallery. From there, all images can be easily purchased and downloaded.

All images are fully compliant with MLS file size and dimensions. Full HD originals (non-MLS compliant) are available for free upon request.